Who we are

Olivado was the brain child of an innovative team comprising of a former chef, a legal brain, a marketing whiz, an internationally renowned food scientist and an international investor. Together with the food scientists at Massey University, New Zealand's premier Food Science University, under a New Zealand Horticultural grant, they pioneered and perfected the process of oil extraction from the avocado.

In its first year in business, Olivado won a major New Zealand Small Business Award for innovative marketing at the Television New Zealand/Marketing Magazine 2001 Marketing Awards. Cuisine magazine praised Olivado for helping to pioneer the avocado oil industry in New Zealand and for its strong marketing initiatives, which have been crucial in making both the product and the brand a success.

In 2002, Olivado picked up the coveted premier Award from Massey University's Food Awards. They were in competition with some of the largest food companies in New Zealand. Additionally, Olivado was awarded the category prize for best Gourmet Foods and the Enterprise Award. The Massey University Premier Award is presented to companies "for exceptional food technology skills through the systematic, consumer-oriented application of science, innovative technology and marketing resources, to launch an outstanding new, high quality food or beverage product."

Situated in a 5-acre olive grove in Kerikeri, in the beautiful Bay of Islands and near the top of New Zealand's North Island, the so-called "Winterless North," the purpose-built Olivado plant produces high quality, extra virgin, cold-pressed avocado oils. Since 2007, Olivado has also started a production plant in Kenya, producing organic and fair trade avocado oil from avocados grown by small farmholders in the lush highlands of central Kenya.


Our Philosophy...

Is to create and market products that add health and value to people's lives every day.