About Us

The complex combination of elements naturally found in fruits and vegetables are essential for the human system to absorb the vital ingredients required for a healthy mind and body.

Olivado is committed to the production of natural products that form the basis of good health.

Olivado products include cold pressed avocado oils, as well as Omega Plus blended oil, macadamia, olive oil, enriched olive and blended oils and other healthful products.

Olivado oils represent the healthiest, most delicious and versatile oils on the market today. We pioneered the process of extracting oil from the avocado, which are cold pressed at our own purpose-built plants, utilizing a stabilization system unique to Olivado that delivers a premium, high quality oil with a very long shelf life.

With a 500 degree F./ 255 C smoke point, (the highest of any extra virgin oil) our ultra healthy Olivado oils make a superb cooking oil, as well as a delicious salad dressing. It is also excellent for bread dipping and drizzling over vegetables.